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Educational Programs

Glorykids Childcare Centre and Kindergarten incorporates high quality educational programs based on the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) –
BBB (Belonging, Being & Becoming) as well as the centre’s philosophy on how children learn and develop through play

The learning experiences implemented within the centre’s curriculum focus on the developing the children’s strengths and interests using evolving, natural, and open ended materials

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Learning Story Portfolios

All children at Glorykids have their own Learning Story Portfolio that will share & record their journey of development. Documentation of each child’s development occurs on a spontaneous basis through observations that focus largely on their interests, interactions, and conversations with their peers; rather than their ability to meet developmental norms

On a daily basis various observational tools are used as evidence to support staff knowledge and observations of each child. It also incorporates relevant information regarding each child’s families and communities and highlight how strong and capable each child is

All staff highly value and respect parental input and feedback with the observations taken. Therefore, we encourage parents and family members to take the Learning Story Portfolios home and write anything that is important to parents and their family

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Program Planning, Modifications, and Reflections

The program planning for both indoors and outdoors are innovative and ever evolving. Learning experiences are modified and/or changed spontaneously to adapt to the individual presentations. These modifications and changes are documented and reflected upon on a daily basis and are communicated to parents in each rooms reflections book for parents to peruse at drop off and pick up times

All early childhood educators at Glorykids undergo continuous training and in-services to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest issues in early childhood education.

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Funded Kindergarten

Glorykids Childcare and Kindergarten are providing a minimum of 35 Hours of Funded Kindergarten per week

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

09.30am – 4.30pm

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School Holiday Program

Our centre provides a safe, supervised, and fun place for your child. We are a GOVERNMENT REGISTERED CHILDCARE PROVDIER. It is suitable for school children between 5-12 years old

Our programs provide a wide range of supervised creative, recreational, and play activities that assist in the social, emotional, creative, and physical development of your child

Glorykids Childcare & Kindergarten provide a qualified (Bachelor’s degree) and trained teacher to run the programs every week

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